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Carlos A Perdomo

Affordable and absolutely amazing results! The owner was very kind and helpful when finding out it was my first time washing my car there. Definitely coming back

Carlos A Perdomo Brandon FL January 15, 2019

My Fam Going Ham

Awesome hot pre soak and vacuums never fail. I wish i could give them a 10 star that is how awesome there customer service is!! I highly recommend Parsons Ave Car Wash. Can not beat their price and quality of service.

My Fam Going Ham Brandon FL January 10, 2019

Brittany Carey

Great place for person to wash there car. I went their late, light so bright, made me feel safe.

Brittany Carey Brandon FL January 8, 2019

Jean A. Rivera

Excellent car wash, not expensive, and with an owner that really knows his business and even took the time to help and guide me on the wash. Which btw the car ended up better then when i payed $100 to wash it!

Jean A. Rivera Brandon FL January 7, 2019

David Fitzhenry

Owner keeps this place clean and operable at all times. Best vacuum machines in Brandon. Never have any issues with any of the machines at this car wash. I highly recommend this place for self service cleaning of your vehicle. This car wash is by far the best self service car wash around. But don't take my word for it, go and give it a try and see for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed. 0n a scale of 1-10, I rate them a 10+. Always leave with my truck clean and always satisfied. Keep up the good work at keeping this place top notch.

David Fitzhenry Brandon FL January 7, 2019

Danielle Lewis

Great Place

Danielle Lewis January 7, 2019

Ana Navarro

Very good service

Ana Navarro Brandon FL January 1, 2019

Tamra Fose

This place is awesome. Went there for the first time today to wash my car by myself and the owner came and helped me ( because I was clueless) wash my car. Eric the ownerTaught me everything I need to know and even helped me. I would highly recommend this place. Awesome experience for me. If u have any problems speak with Eric the owner. He goes above and beyond to help u. What a great guy.

Tamra Fose Brandon FL December 30, 2018

Joshua Hammond

Pre-soak is where it's at

Joshua Hammond Brandon FL December 28, 2018

Babette Meek

Eric works hard at his car wash. I am a believer

Babette Meek Brandon FL December 26, 2018

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